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The Last Royals // Brite Revolution Staff Pick

Thanks for the Staff Pick, Brite Revolution!

When will the bass drop? 

Don’t miss the song, ‘Friday Night’ on tonight’s episode of About a Boy on NBC - 9/8C! 

The Last Royals - I Hate California (Official Video)

24º in Brooklyn makes it hard to hate California today…

The man. The myth. The legend. Mike Beck. #ourproduca

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The new I Hate California video premieres today via Tumblr.  Beautifully shot in southern California by director and cinematographer Matt Sanders, this B&W short is comprised 100% of reflected images, a deliberate device for focusing on the song’s back story.

Written about a time when TLR singer Eric James, then newly married and having to travel alone to Los Angeles for 6 weeks, IH8CA captures the frequent dichotomy of hopes versus reality.

“You have to be careful what you wish for’, says Eric of the song.  ‘Big American dreams, heading West to fulfill your destiny – like you’re gonna write the perfect radio song with a big hit-maker. Then you look around and realize it’s hell and you just wanna go home.”

"I Hate California" Official Music Video premiere…less than two hours!

TLR - Milwaukee Express SUMMERFEST Playlist

TLR is featured on the Milwaukee Express SUMMERFEST playlist - don’t miss us on July 2nd!

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